Water Experts

As Australia becomes more populated and so does the world, we will face ongoing water management crises. More water resources are being brought online and more water problems are being discovered. As the water table becomes intruded by fracking and mineral and energy exploration, groundwater quality needs to be managed. We also have fertiliser, pesticide and soil erosion contributing to water quality problems for surface water.

Water resource management is a multi-faceted problem, that fortunately, has many bright minds working on it. OK Water is a place where experts on water resource management can connect with one another.

The current political and economic climate is placing a strain on the world’s resources and this is creating a strain on the environment. We need to strike a balance between the needs of business, consumers and the natural environment. Water experts know how to make these decisions the most effective for all stakeholders.

The problems can be broadly divided into two parts: quality and scarcity. Quality is a more localised issue that affects users of water in a small area. Problems such as fertiliser run off and rising soil salinity contribute to local water quality problems. There are experts who focus on these issues and also other experts who focus on the scarcity issue.

Water scarcity is a problem because it places a limit on the amount of food and fibre we can grow with the water we have available. It’s generally impossible to solve the water scarcity issue by increasing the amount of water available. Water is expensive to desalinate and import from other areas. The generally offered solution is redistributing water to the best uses.

One solution to this is a water market. This lets water users trade their water to those who are using their water most efficiently.

This doesn’t mean that sellers are inefficient, they might be in the wrong industry or they grow crops only in the good seasons. Water markets have been highly effective in Australia and will continue to be effective into the future. In fact governments can be participants in the water market. An example of this is the Victorian Water Environment Holder. Other countries are looking to the Murray-Darling Basin as inspiration to implement their own water trading strategies.

There are a number of ways to trade water in the Murray-Darling Basin. To trade through water market experts, such as Water Broking World, Ruralco Water or Waterfind is the easiest way. The Water Broker Comparison page has more information.

Water is a precious resource that needs to be effectively managed. We’ve seen countless examples of poorly managed water resources producing terrible outcomes for consumers, farmers and the environment. By connecting decision makers with water resource management experts we can overcome these problems.

Water management is a complicated affair that requires knowledge of multiple disciplines. There are a number of solutions to these problems and experts have their solutions ready to be implemented. We have experts connected to government, such as knowledge of DEWLP and other state government departments.